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Volume discounts available on most of our products. See our coupons page for details.

Frequencies - Crystals Info

  • Tektite - Transcendental Aspirations
    August 13, 2021


    SUMMARY Of the two basic function groups for crystals/stones, those which give off energy and those that filter energies, Tektite is in the energy producer group. This is due to the way it forms.  Tektites are the product of large meteor...

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  • Angelite - Transcendental Aspirations
    August 7, 2021


    SUMMARY Angelite is what I would call an energetically hyper dimensional crystal. It acts as a connector of sorts between the dimensions of our experience, so to speak, and other higher dimensions. In other words, it both affects our present...

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  • Charoite - Transcendental Aspirations
    July 31, 2021


    SUMMARY Charoite is not associated with the elements of physical reality (air, earth, fire, water), but rather with the ethereal plane of existence. Charoite is a stone transformation and transition. It works on the upper chakras, opening the heart to love, third eye...

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  • Malachite - Transcendental Aspirations
    July 31, 2021


    SUMMARY Malachite is mesmerizing. The energy it emanates can be literally felt by the senses. It's entrancing, almost hypnotic. To me, its in the top five of the feel good category of rocks. The general consensus is that malachite is a...

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  • Black Obsidian - Transcendental Aspirations
    July 17, 2021

    Black Obsidian

    SUMMARY Black Obsidian is another member of the energy emitting group of "crystalline" materials. However, despite being comprised primarily of quartz (SiO2), the conditions under which it forms and the presence of inclusions prevent the formal crystalline structure of quartz...

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  • Black Tourmaline - Transcendental Aspirations
    July 13, 2021

    Black Tourmaline

    SUMMARY It may simply be coincidence that Black Tourmaline looks a lot like charcoal, but it also functions like it, as well. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. Although black Tourmaline and charcoal have little physically in...

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  • Peridot - Transcendental Aspirations
    July 12, 2021


    SUMMARY No matter what shade of green a particular piece of peridot is, it has that magickal/mystickal look about it. It's like it's radiating energy like a hot coal. But cool, green energy. Peridot has been found on meteorite fragments,...

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