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Volume discounts available on most of our products. See our coupons page for details.
Angelite - Transcendental Aspirations



Angelite is what I would call an energetically hyper dimensional crystal. It acts as a connector of sorts between the dimensions of our experience, so to speak, and other higher dimensions. In other words, it both affects our present consciousness AND assists us in perceiving and integrating higher dimensional information. 

In the dimensions of our normal awareness, Angelite gently promotes a state of psychic tranquility, which subsequently manifests in our experience as expanded awareness, heightened compassion, and greater degree of patience with self and other.

But Angelite doesn't stop there. It also acts as an antenna of sorts, enabling perception of higher, extradimensional frequencies and vibrations. This makes Angelite ideal for increasing psychic abilities, communicating with spirit guides, and raising one's vibrational level.


  • An anhydrous calcium sulfate mineral
  • Also known as Celestite
  • Found only in Peru
  • Light blue to light purple color
  • Mohs hardness rating of 4


  • Activates the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras.
  • Instills tranquility and patience
  • Supports intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities 
  • Facilitates connection to higher self and communication with angelic realm
  • Zodiac sign affiliation: Aquarius
  • Planetary affiliation: moon and Uranus
  • Elemental affiliation: Air

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