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Volume discounts available on most of our products. See our coupons page for details.
Charoite - Transcendental Aspirations



Charoite is not associated with the elements of physical reality (air, earth, fire, water), but rather with the ethereal plane of existence.

Charoite is a stone transformation and transition. It works on the upper chakras, opening the heart to love, third eye to wisdom, and the crown to universal connection. It helps to raise one's frequency.

This is a great stone for jewelry, as physical contact with Charoite is the best way to integrate its energies. Excellent for psychic and meditation work.


  • Silicate mineral of the prismatic class with a massive habit.
  • Chemical formula: K5Ca8(Si6015)2(Si207)Si409(OH)3(H2O)
  • Extremely rare purple gemstone found in Siberia.
  • Mohs scale 6
  • Name origin is the Chara River in Russia
  • Dense, complex patterns


  • Activates the Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, and Crown chakras.
  • A stone of service and altruism, healing and transformation.
  • Supports courage and promotes stamina.
  • Helpful for acknowledging and releasing fear, and for transforming negativity in order to overcome obsessive/compulsive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Guides us to live in the now; keeps us in the present moment by promoting acceptance and insight.
  • Helps make knowledge acquired during the dream state accessible in waking consciousness.
  • Enhances past life knowledge and insight, connecting spirituality with everyday reality.
  • Capable of raising one's vibratory frequency in preparation for movement toward higher dimensions.
  • Associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius, the planet Jupiter, and the number 7
  • Known as the "Chariot of Heaven", due to its ability to stimulate the crown and ethereal chakras

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