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The Power of Neptune Transiting Natal Pisces Moon and Sun - Transcendental Aspirations

The Power of Neptune Transiting Natal Pisces Moon and Sun

How does transiting Neptune in Pisces affect the natal chart?  When does magic happen?

Anyone whose natal sun or moon is in the sign Pisces should be aware of Neptune's whereabouts through January 2026, as well as review where it's been since it first entered its ruling sign back on Feb. 2, 2012. Neptune takes an average of 13-3/4 years to traverse each sign. Next to Pluto, it has the second slowest orbit of all planetary bodies in the pre-Kuiper belt solar system; a Neptune year equals about 165 earth years.

The slowness of Neptune's orbit causes it to have effects that are generational and collective in nature -- it isn't a "personal" planet regarding its placement and influence in the natal chart. However, Neptune becomes personalized when viewed in real time as a transit to the natal inner planets, especially the Sun and Moon.

Conjunctions, squares, and oppositions are the most influential aspects. Conjunctions are obvious -- they occupy the same space/degree within a tight orb of 3 degrees or less. Squares and oppositions are so stressful that they can't be ignored; change is inevitable.

Slow orbitals like Neptune and Pluto have long retrograde periods; Neptune spends about 40% of its time retrograde relative to the earth. In other words, we perceive the illusion of backward motion 40% of the time and we perceive the reality of forward motion about 60% of the time. The result of Neptune's long retrograde cycle is extraordinarily long periods of time at each degree of the zodiac, going back and forth, taking up to 3 years to completely release a single point from its influence.

While Pluto is all about death and transformation, Neptune is all about illusion. When a planet is in direct motion, everything regarding that planet is generally business as usual. When that same planet assumes retrograde motion, the opposite effects regarding the qualities specific to that planet are experienced.

For example, Mercury rules communication and technology. When Mercury goes retro, communication seems to break down, writer's block sets in, and we experience technological failures. The result is confusion, a sense of stagnation, and the cessation of progress.

When Neptune goes retro, the illusions that were built start to crack and we begin to see people, things, and events for what they are. Our idealized viewpoints that had been constructed during Neptune's most recent direct motion phase might fall apart and dissolve.

When Neptune assumes retrograde motion, a "rabbit hole phenomenon" might be observed. When Neptune transits one's natal moon, cycles of illusion followed by rude awakenings might be observed to occur in sync with its retrograde cycles. During direct motion conjunct natal moon, a fantasy life/alternate reality involving "real" people and events can be imagined. When Neptune returns to retrograde motion, things are once again seen as they are -- the previously constructed fantasy world is shattered.

The closer the orb between transiting Neptune and natal moon, the more obvious and immediate the crossover between illusion and reality can be. For example, the fantasy life experienced during Neptune's direct motion over the natal moon is reviewed with growing skepticism during the retrograde period. Everything that was experienced is re-experienced through a reality lens as Neptune moves backwards, coinciding with our retreat and emergence from the subterranean realm of the rabbit hole.

Under normal, non-transiting circumstances, Neptune induced illusions can last years, decades, or a lifetime. During this transit, the turnover is immediate and observable.

Regarding Neptune transiting our natal Sun, our idealized self of self, which the Sun represents, tends to fade in and out of existence as we lose ourselves in the ocean of the collective unconscious. During full and precise contact, our higher self may present itself and assume the executive functions normally assigned to our conscious mind. We may realize that this occurred only in retrospect.

The moon is the fastest moving body in the solar system relative to earth, making the experience of a Neptune transit to the natal Moon an incredibly rare and wondrous event. The Sun is our sense of identity within this incarnation, and to experience a Neptune conjunction to the natal Sun by transit is also a rare and precious gift.

Magic happens when we predict Neptune's motion and practice controlling its effect on our lives.

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