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Musings on the Chinese Ox - Transcendental Aspirations

Musings on the Chinese Ox

Thoughts on the Ox from our in-house astrological Oracle:

I was talking to a cashier at a grocery store a couple of months ago and the subject of the Chinese New year came up. She told me that she wasn't sure if liked her own Chinese Zodiac sign, which is the Ox. My reaction was, "OMG!! You're so lucky! The Ox is my favorite Chinese Zodiac sign of all time!!"

I guess I can see why the Ox might have a reputation for being somewhat stern, inflexible, unglamorous and "all work and no play." But that's the result of a skewed perspective. In fact the depth and breadth of the Ox's accomplishments is so impressive that we become aware of them only once a tremendous amount of work has already been done. Their achievements belong to them and them alone.

Ox natives carry their burdens admirably and with dignity. Their motto is "slow and steady wins the race." To understand their nature, look at the creature after which they are named. Oxen, driven by the imagination of humans, built civilizations from literally the ground up before there was ever machinery.

When we peel an Ox down to his/her core, what we find is pure solid gold. Ox people, especially those who have self-actualized, will give you the shirt off their back as well as dedicate themselves to causes of Justice on a collective level. The best people I've known and known of were born during an Ox year.

Oxen tend to be traditionalists who value family life above everything else. They are generally not innovators, preferring empire-building methods that are tried and true (innovation is best outsourced to the Monkey, as natives of all other Chinese Zodiac signs inevitably realize).

The Ox's gift is his/her power of concentration. The secret to the Oxen's success is their belief in themselves. The Ox's best friends are the Snake and the Rooster.

The year of the Ox is the best year for the rest of us to incorporate these outstanding qualities into our own destinies and personalities. When I think of the Ox, I can't help but associate its qualities with marble, which is largely comprised of dolomite. To that end, Yellow & Red Tiger Eye as well as all types and colors of Calcite are excellent representatives and energy carriers of the Ox.

What is your favorite Chinese astrological sign?

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