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Volume discounts available on most of our products. See our coupons page for details.
Positive change with Orgonite - Transcendental Aspirations

Positive change with Orgonite

What is Orgonite?

A machine without moving parts, Orgonite is a unique combination of gemstones, minerals, metals, etc., solidified in resin. Constant friction between the materials and the resin, via contraction and expansion of the resin over time, generates an electric charge, which neutralizes stagnant, toxic energy deposits from manmade devices. Examples of toxic energy sources include EMF waves, radio waves, microwaves, etc.

Why should I worry about invisible toxic energy?

The earth is a focal point of intersecting fields that exist in a high vibratory state. Low vibratory wave forms caused by human activity essentially annihilate nature by reducing its vibratory rate. The lower the vibration, the higher the entropy. Without interference, an entropic space or area will accumulate, and subsequently emit, negative (toxic) energy.

This toxic energy can be absorbed by humans and other living things. The effects can be obvious, like physical decline. On the other hand, toxic energy effects can be subtle and insidious, like sudden reversals of fortune that lead to negative life events.

How can Orgonite help?

Orgone is synonymous with energy. Orgonite is an energy processor - an object that when placed in a low vibratory or static space (a space where negative energy has accumulated) will get the quantum energy in that space moving again.

How does Orgonite work?

Orgonite worn by a person in the form of a pendant, for example, will cause energy to start moving through the auric field beginning with the chakras. Chakras need to spin for the energy field to function, and a healthy energy field enables the fulfillment of destiny.

Likewise, placing an orgone energy processing device, like a pyramid, in your personal space, is a way to expel negativity from your surroundings.

How long does it take for Orgonite to work?

This process takes time. You can't wear an orgonite pendant for a day and expect instant results. The effect begins at the quantum level and works its way to the macro universe, where the results are quantified (experienced).

Patience is key when using an orgone processor/accumulator. Enjoy the beauty of the object and understand how it functions as you begin to observe subtle, positive changes within and around you.

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