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Volume discounts available on most of our products. See our coupons page for details.
Volume discounts available on most of our products. See our coupons page for details.

Fluorite & Amethyst Bracelet, 8mm beads, Tree Of Life Pendant

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Current price $10.36

Bracelet is made of 8mm Amethyst and Fluorite beads with accent pieces and a silver toned tree of life

Together, Amethyst and Fluorite are the perfect combination birth stone for a native of the sun sign Aquarius

About Amethyst and Fluorite


Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that helps keep negative energy out of a space or off of a person

Amethyst rules the crown chakra and is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius and the month of February The ancient connections with Aquarius and the 7th (crown) chakra symbolize the ability of Amethyst to rid the mind of irrational emotion, replacing confusion and chaos with common sense and mental flexibility

The word amethyst may come from the Greek root "a-methy," which literally means "not drunk" Perhaps this indicates an ancient understanding that purple quartz has the ability to enhance mental clarity, acuity, and alertness as well as memory

Amethyst is found all over the world


Known as the gemstone for the mind and associated with mental achievement, fluorite, a halide mineral comprised of calcium and fluorine (CaF2), will help us when we need to process new information In fact, fluorite is hands down the world's number 1 crystal for mental clarity and flexibility, focus, and concentration

Use this material to illuminate the 6th and 7th chakras whenever you work and study It will help you perceive connections and create new neural pathways

Fluorite fills the aura with high vibrations, replacing chaos with order It also shields the aura, protecting you from negative energy intrusions and psychic manipulation

The crystalline structure of fluorite is naturally formed octahedron, which is a 3 dimensional shape with 8 equal triangular faces This structure is 2 pyramids sharing the wide base Octahedron help promote the dissolution of mental blocks and narrow mindedness Octahedron placed throughout the environment allow a sacred safe space where we find acceptance and forgiveness

Fluorite represents the element air, the month of February, and the sign Aquarius