Crystal Healing Box (dk & Bk) Bysue Tilly


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Discover how to use the incredible power of crystals to develop your relationships, your potential, and your future with this beautifully presented book and deck.Feeling creatively or spiritually blocked? having trouble sleeping? perhaps you are suffering from a physical ailment? regardless of what may be plaguing you, the innate power within crystals can have tremendous healing effects.The crystal healing box explains the meanings of 30 crystals and their spiritual and healing properties, as well as how to use a clearing stone.Enclosed in a handy hardcover case so that the healing power of crystals can be carried with you at all times.This comprehensive guide to the history and practical applications of crystals will help you decide which crystal (or crystal combination) will be most beneficial to you at any given moment, and give you the ability to craft a healthy and mindful life.A 6.05″ x 8″ box with 36 cards and a 96 page book.